TcTSY - Trauma Center 'Traume Sensitiv YOga'




Tauma Center TRAUME SENSITIV YOGA Gruppe forløb for kvinder

 Et nyt gruppe forløb starter torsdag 22. februar.

Forløbet er på 5 gange. Højst 7 deltager

Gruppen er lukket. Det vil sige at tilmelding er til hele forløbet og der vil ikke komme nye deltagere undervejs.

Du behøver ikke at have kendskab til yoga .

DATO: Start den 22.  februar

TID: 19:00-20:20

STED: Yoga i Valby Valby Langgade 23, 1.sal. 2500 Valby

PRIS: For forløbet på 5 gange 1,000 kr.

INFO & TILMELDING: Du er velkommen til at kontakte Krystyna på telefon eller email for at aftale en tid til en kort gratis samtale. Formålet med samtalen er at få besvaret dine spørgsmål og hvor vi sammen finde ud af om TCTSY er det rette for dig.

KONTAKT: eller 42 76 71 50

Trauma Center Trauma Sensitive Yoga (TCTSY) er en suplement til traume behandling. En invitation til at mærke din krop i trygge omgivelser, i dit eget tempo, med henblik på at støtte din krops naturlige helingsproces. TCTSY er relevent til dig som har oplevet relationelle traume mm.

 Af hensyn til din sikkerhed og tryhed er det en forudsætting at du er et terapeutisk forløb i forvejen, eller har mulighed for en samtale med din psykolog eller psykoterapeut, hvis du får behov for at tale om dine oplevelser i en terapeutisk kontekst.

Trauma Center Trauma Sensitive Yoga (TCTSY)

Trauma Center Trauma Sensitive Yoga (TCTSY) is a trauma informed treatment for complex trauma also refered to as chronic/complex Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (CPTSD). 

TCTSY is an non-coercive treatment model specifically designed for complex trauma. In TCTSY your safety is paramount. TCTSY is a unique model specifically designed to create a safe space where you are invited to notice and feel your body using body based yoga forms and breathing awareness that are appropriate for you, at your own pace and physical capabilities.

Why is it important to feel my body?

"If I can't feel my body, how do I know what my needs are, and if I don't know are needs are, how can I take care of myself?" 

Traumatic memories are often fragmented and stored in the body as implicit (unconscious) memories - memories that are often unspeakable, painful and distressing to feel in our bodies.

In the face of traumatic experiences, not feeling & disconnecting from one's body makes good sense & is a useful adaptive response for survival. However, in the long term not having a body, in the sense of not being able to feel or tolerate feeling one's body significantly effects one's physical, psychological and social well being & limiting quality of life and relationships to one's self and others. 

TCTSY is a respectful yoga practice and rests on the principles of invitation, choice, empowerment, as means to support you in your healing process - by creating opportunities to practice noticing sensations in your body-  to practice feeling your body and rebuilding your relationship to your body as safe place to be, practising coming home to your body.     

Krystyna facilitates Trauma Center Trauma Sensitive Yoga and offers small group & individual sessions in Danish and English.


SMALL GROUP Sessions with Krystyna IN DANISH

I offer small TCTSY groups. The groups run for 5 to 8 sessions, where we meet weekly and practice TCTSY together. The groups are closed, so we are the same people in the group for the duration of the course. There are separate groups for women & men.

TCTSY small group sessions are relevant for those of you with trauma histories and complex trauma also called complex or persistent post traumatic stress disorder who are currently in therapy.  

You do not need to have previous yoga experience.

TCTSY GROUps for men

  • Tuesday 17:00-18:20 (This group will start when there are there 4 participants )

If you are interested to sign up you are welcome to book a free telephone appointment with Krystyna (who speaks Danish). Contact: / +45 4276 7150


Individual Sessions 

For more information are welcome to contact to Krystyna to book a telephone appointment. Contact: / +45 4276 715   (Krystyna speaks Danish)