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Svastha Yoga Therapy Module 7: Holistic Case Studie, Assorted Topics

Integration and Completion

Module 7: Holistic Case Studies, Assorted Topics

26- 30 September 2018 Copenhagen

Svastha Yoga of Krishnamacharya. YOGA THERAPY TRAINING in COPENHAGEN with Dr Ganesh Mohan & Dr Günter Niessen - Integrating Yoga and mainstream Health Care for Self Care & healing.  The International Svastha Yoga Therapy Program brings you the most effective aspects of yoga and Ayurveda combined with modern medicine.

TEACHER   Dr. Ganesh Mohan (The teaching is in English)

WHO Relevant for yoga teachers, students & health professionals with a solid yoga practice.

VENUE Bispebjerg Bakke 6, 2400 København NV (Copenhagen North West) Map

PRICE  for 5 days of intensive learning & professional development: Early Bird 4,300 DKK / 585 EURO until the 3rd of April thereafter 4,600 DK / 615 EURO


Wed. 26th September :  10:00am - 5:00pm

Thurs., Fri, & Sat. 27th - 29th September: 8:30am - 4:30pm

Sun. 30th September: 8:30am - 3:00pm


OUTLINE Module 7: Svastha Yoga Therapy Program - Health from a Holistic Perspective

This module focuses on health from a holistic perspective and an integrative approach to yoga therapy with the following topics:

1. Case studies with various health disorders from the perspective of "Body - Breath - Mind".
2. Analysis and application of variations of asana, pranayama and meditation with regards to various disorders.
3. Holistic "sequencing" and the combination of treatment goals for the body, the breath and the mind.
4. Practical exercises for different therapeutic purposes.
5. Fundamentals of "hands-on" work in therapeutic yoga.

Dr Ganesh Mohan will share his knowledge and extensive experience from the worlds of Yoga & Yoga Therapy, Ayurveda & Western Medicine.  You will learn, experience & practice therapeutic frameworks, tools & practices for you to use straight away with your clients & students. You will receive a certificate, the module manual, notes, & recordings. You will also be given exclusive access to the Svastha Yoga Therapy International community support group on FB. This is a closed group for professional support group open to people who have participated in a Svastha Yoga Therapy Program (SYTP) Module.



Dr Ganesh Mohan is a Yoga teacher & therapist, a doctor MD in Western Medicine & an Ayurvedic doctor. He is down to earth & able to communicate his extensive knowledge & experience with simplicity & clarity.
Born into a dedicated yoga family his parents A.G. & Indra Mohan studied with Sir T. Krishnamacharya for 18 years.