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Trauma Center Trauma Sensitive Yoga 20 hr Foundational Workshop COPENHAGEN

Trauma Sensitive Yoga - 20 Hour Foundational Workshop


Friday, 26th October  5:30 pm - Sunday, 28th October 4:00 pm

This 20-hour Foundational Trauma Sensitive Yoga workshop will introduce participants to the core concepts and applications of David Emerson's highly regarded and empirically validated intervention for Complex Trauma - Trauma Centre, Trauma Sensitive Yoga (TCTSY).

Relevant for:

Mental Health Clinicians working with clients/patients with complex trauma histories & wish to learn how to practice elements of TCTSY into their work. (Note you do not need to be a yoga teacher) & Yoga Teachers who wish to learn how to make their existing yoga classes trauma-informed.



  • Understanding Trauma

  • Theoretical underpinnings of TCTSY

  • Methodology of TCTSY


  • History of Trauma 'Diagnostic' Frameworks - From PTSD to Complex Trauma

  • Attachment Theory – Relationships & Agency

  • Trauma Theory – Empowerment & Trauma-informed relationships & Memory

  • Neurophysiology & Biology of Stress and Trauma - How trauma impacts the brain & Intra-personal & Inter-personal relationships

  • Spectrum of Trauma Symptoms & Complex Trauma as lived experienced

  • Spectrum of Trauma Treatments & Why bringing the body into treatment makes sense


  • Connecting Theory to Methodology – The Framework: why trauma-informed & how trauma- informed.

  • Methods, including creating Safety, the Language of TCTSY, Choice, Interception & Agency

  • Experience the practice

  • Teaching experience - from a trauma-informed lens


Research studies & current evidence on TCTSY


  • Scope of Practice for Yoga Teachers & Clinicians

  • Trauma Treatment vs. Trauma Informed vs. Trauma Sensitive

  • Responsible Marketing – Managing Expectations

  • Adapting a general Yoga Class - from a trauma-informed lens

  • How to introduce elements of TCTSY into one’s Clinical Therapy Practice

This workshop follows a seminar style with space for discussion and reflections

  • Small & large group discussion sessions

  • Teaching & clinical examples

  • Small & large group discussion sessions

  • Opportunity to practice teaching

  • Q & A

Accreditation & Professional Development

Presenter:   Krystyna Kowalski.  Krystyna is a Certified TCTSY Facilitator, Licensed Trainer on the Trauma Center's TCTSY Training Faculty,  Supervisor on TCTSY-F Certification Program (300-hour) at the Trauma Center in Boston USA, Certified Yoga Therapist C-IAYT & MSc Sociology.

Accredited:  All participants how complete the workshop will receive a letter of completion from The Trauma Centre, Justice Resource Institute, Boston USA

 Yoga Teachers & Licensed Clinicians

This workshop satisfies the entrance requirements if you wish to apply for The Trauma Centre's TCTSY-F certification program. You can read more the program here.

Licensed Mental Health Clinicians

This workshop satisfies the membership requirements for the TCTSY Clinician Consultation Group (for clinicians only).

Inspiration on how to incorporate elements of TCTSY into your existing therapeutic work.

Non-Clinical Yoga Teachers

This workshop is intended to help non-clinical yoga teachers create a more trauma-informed yoga class.

For ethical reasons, this workshop does not qualify non-clinical yoga teachers to offer trauma services, including TCTSY.



Center for Krop & Bevidsthed. Address Tagensvej 85 C, 2200 Copenhagen NV   MAP

Workshop Fee

2,650 DKK  / 355 EURO


  • Friday 5:30pm - 8:00pm

  • Saturday 8:30am - 5:00pm

  • Sunday 8:30am- 4:00pm


Please Note: This program is solely for professional development. The context of this workshop is not intended as an intervention for participants who have experienced trauma. The workshop space is intended for teaching purposes and not treatment. Talking about trauma, even in the context of a professional workshop, can be triggering.