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Yoga Therapy Module 3 Anatomy, Physiology, & Sequencing of the Breath, Respiratory & Cardiovascular Disorders

Breath / Internal Medicine & Breath

Module 3 Anatomy, Physiology, and Sequencing of the Breath, Respiratory and Cardiovascular Disorders

Svastha Yoga of Krishnamacharya.   YOGA THERAPY TRAINING in COPENHAGEN Dr Ganesh Mohan & Dr. Günter Niessen - Integrating Yoga and mainstream Health Care for Self Care & healing.  The International Svastha Yoga Therapy Program brings you the most effective aspects of yoga and ayurveda combined with modern medicine. 

TEACHER   Dr. Ganesh Mohan (the teaching is in English)

WHO Relevant for yoga teachers, students & health professionals with a solid yoga practice.

BENEFITS  Dr. Ganesh Mohan will share his knowledge drawing on his extensive experience from the worlds of Yoga & Yoga Therapy, Ayurveda & Western Medicine.  You will experience and learn therapeutic frameworks, tools & practices for you to use straight away with your clients & students. You will receive a certificate, the module manual, notes, & recordings. You will also be given exclusive access to the Svastha Yoga Therapy International community support group on FB. This is closed for professional support group open to people who have participated in a Svastha Yoga Therapy Program (SYTP) Module.


Dr. Ganesh Mohan is a Yoga teacher & therapist. He is trained as a doctor in Western Medicine and is an Ayurvedic doctor. Ganesh is humble down to earth, and able to communicate his extensive knowledge and experience with simplicity and clarity.

Dr. Ganesh Mohan was born into a yoga family. His is parents A.G. Mohan and Indra Mohan studied with Sir T. Krishnamarcharya for 18 years.


Module 3: Anatomy, Physiology, and Sequencing of the Breath, Respiratory and Cardiovascular Disorders

  1.  Functional approach to the breath using conscious modulation, gravity, body position, muscle action, relaxation.
  2.  Experience different breathing patterns. Analyze and modify breathing patterns in asana to address the needs of student.
  3. Progressively sequencing the breath: to lead to deep breath, long breath, and the bandhas.
  4. Introduction to sound and chanting to work on the breath.
  5. Disorder based considerations for specific conditions. For example, in respiratory and cardiovascular systems.  5.1. Asthma 5.2 COPD and other breathing difficulties
  6.  Holistic approach to prevention and therapy of heart disease. 6.1 High and low blood pressure 6.2. Heart failure
  7.  Safety considerations in yoga sessions for clients with respiratory and cardiovascular issues, breathing difficulty and respiratory diseases.
  8. Case study based learning, modeling clients and situations the yoga teacher is likely to encounter.
  9. Orientation on relevant disease-related ayurvedic guidelines concerning lifestyle, diet, and useful herbs.
  10. Approach of Krishnamacharya and the Yogasutras to the breath: foundation of dīrgha, sūkṣma, deśa, kāla, saṅkhyā etc.
  11. Application of relevant traditional yoga concepts. 11.1.  Bṛmhaṇa, Langhana 11.2. Sikṣaṇa Rakṣaṇa


Svastha Yoga Foundational Therapy Modules are registered with the YA. The SYTP program is currently expanding & in the accreditation process at International Association for Yoga Therapist Educational Educational Standards for the Training and continuing paraprofessional education of Yoga Therapists. Read Dr. Ganesh Mohan blog for more information here

Kirshanmarcharya’s key principle is that yoga be adapted to the individual.